Cloth/Fabric Bonding

Fabric bonding in cap manufacturing is considered to be as one of the most important elements. Without skilled cloth or fabric bonding, not a single cap can be designed effectively.

At Sambhav Caps we pay detailed attention for the fabrics we use in our manufacturing facility. Moreover, the process of joining two or more layers or from a non-woven fabric is the key practice. Post manufacturing over 100,000 caps we have established a reputation in the market where we are known for our high-quality fabric bonding.

We use several types of fabric, but here is a list of the most common ones that we use.

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Polyester Twill

Polyester Twill is a woven fabric which is easy to care, washable, known for its diagonal weave

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Cotton Twill

Cotton Twill is highly popular for hats and has durable fabric, and can manage a lot of wear and tear

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Micro Mesh

Micro Mesh is a polyester fabric which is hailed as one of the most strong and durable fabrics of; they surely add a value for making a fashion statement on the apparel industry

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Polyester NS

Polyester NS is less expensive, has advantages over cotton, resistant to wrinkles and shrinking

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Polyester Dobby

Woven fabric, better known for its extra texture and small geometric designs

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Cotton Canvas

It’s either made of cotton or lenin, plain weave rather than twill, waterproof fabric

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Trucker Mesh

Made from polyester or nylon, flexible and net like material, usual for baseball caps

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Air Mesh

Made out of the knitted machine, usual for sports headwear, good air permeability, easy cleaning and drying

These are top eight fabrics that are mostly used in headwear manufacturing. However, we are not just restricted to these eight fabrics and can manufacture caps with any suitable type of fabric.